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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Not-So Smart Car Admirer

I have a new car: The tiny Smart Car from Mercedes. It's not even 9'-long, making it perfect for parking, and the mileage is an awesome 45 miles per gallon so far. It drives like a little sports car (hey, it was designed in part by racing legend Roger Penske)

I was pulling out of a larger-than-a-Smart spot in Manhattan this afternoon when a man pulled alongside me to ask about the car (I could tell he had a Q from his behavior). I motioned for him to move his car so that I could get out of the spot, but he made the 'please roll down your window' move with his hands. I quickly rolled down the passenger-side window, and he asked, "What kind of mileage does that get?" I explained, "It doesn't get any miles-per-gallon when some freakin' idiot boxes me into a parking spot just to ask me a question he could easily look up on his own!"*

I couldn't believe this idiot thought he had a right to slow me down - and block me in! - just to ask me about the car.

* Sorry, but that's what I immediately WISH I'd said. In actual fact, I replied: "It gets about 45 mpg. Could you move your car, please? I'm in a rush." I've become too nice since moving out of The City.

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