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Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's a Waiting Room, not a Screening Room!

I took Emmett for a quick blood test. By the time the receptionist called us, he couldn't wait to give blood!

The waiting room was small, and there was only one available seat, so I gave it to him. His next door neighbor was a girl of about 2 seated with a woman I assume was her grandmother. Seated on the toddler's lap was a DVD player on which was playing some Disney movie. The girl didn't have headphones.

Apparently granny was unaware of two key factors:

1. The toddler wasn't actually watching the show, and
2. They were sitting in a frigging waiting room!

But Voice of Society Man had to be silent. As previously noted, there is no place for my superhero alter ego who puts others in their place when their place is so close to my place. I simply took out the headphones from my utility belt (ok, a pocket) and popped them into my iPhone so that Emmett and I could share some tunes. We listened to microtonal music and a little hardcore rap, courtesy of Notorious B.I.G., and that kept the Disney out of our heads.

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